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Tips for effective ad:

  1. Before you start, make sure you have accurate details of car make, model, version, year of manufacture and number of KM driven.

  2. Shoot clear pictures of the interior and exterior of your car and upload as many as possible.

  3. The pricing of your car is very important in determining how quickly you will be able to sell it. Ensure you set a realistic price.

  4. Provide your pincode so that buyers in your area can find your car easily.

  5. Check your vehicle stickers, owner’s manual and other documents and make a note of additional details like insurance expiry date, registration location, fuel economy, additional features etc.

  6. Provide as much information about your car as possible. Specify extra fittings like alloy wheels, leather upholstery, CD-changer, music system, new tires, available services, warranties etc. This will help buyers decide quickly and you will be able to sell your car at a better price.

  7. Of course, if you are in a hurry you can enter only the basic details now.

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